The best BBQ on the Shore! Available for catering and special events!

What's that BBQ?

Here's how to know the difference!

It sure smells good & looks awesome, but are you just a little  unsure of what the different types of meat are when you order? Well,  this might help explain the difference between the types of BBQ we are  cookin' up and what you might really enjoy!

Stacked Pit Beef -  Certified Angus Top Round (very lean), seasoned and smoked in our pit  with a mixture of charcoal & hickory. Cooked rare to medium rare.  Tender & juicy. Sliced very thin. 

"Slaughterhouse" Beef Brisket -  Certified Angus Beef Brisket- cut of meat, rubbed with our special  "Slaughterhouse" Rub, and marinated 24 to 48 hours. Smoked with a blend  of Hickory & Applewood for 8 to 10 hours until well done. Tender  & juicy with more fat & sliced thicker than Pit Beef.

Sweet Pulled Pork -  Pork Butt smoked with a blend of Hickory and Apple woods for 12 hours,  until it falls of the bone and then hand-shredded. Finally, we add our  special Sweet Barbeque Sauce. 

North Carolina Style Pulled Pork -  AKA - N.C. - Pork Butts prepared the same as the above except we add our  special vinegar based sauce with a blend of sugars and crushed red  peppers to kick it up a bit. 

All sandwiches are served on kaiser rolls, and are perfect when topped with our sweet, homemade cole slaw. Want to see more? Check out our menu!

You don't need teeth to eat our meat!